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The ‘I Ams’ of Jesusby Billy Graham  Qualities of a Church Leader by MGM Ministries Team  Memories: Sweet, Sour and Funny by Dr. E. C. Samkutty
  America Under Judgment? by Billy Graham   Apostolic Gift by Dr. Kris A. Jackson  Karma and Graceby Dr.Ezhamkulam Samkutty
  The Hope of Salvation by Billy Graham  Maintaining Ground by Dr. Kris A. Jackson I Thirst by Evg. P T Thomas, Kottayam
Learn How to Follow Jesusby Billy Graham  Feast of Tabernacles by Dr. Kris A. JacksonSadhu Kochukunju Upadesi's Life Story
  Jesus Christ - Lord of All   by  Ray H. Hughes  Beware The Bypass by Dr. Kris A. Jackson  Ministering to Young People of Indian Origin by Dr. Thomson K. Mathew
The Secret of Power by Ray H. Hughes  How in the "World" are You? by Dr. Kris A. Jackson  The Benefits of the Resurrection of Jesus   by Pastor Anison K. Samuel
  Revival and the Anointing" by Ray H. Hughes  Nothing Bites Like a Tishbite by Dr. Kris A. Jackson  The Trial of Your Faith by Pastor Anison K. Samuel
The Unique Sheep by Pastor (Capt.) A. M. Samuel  Basic Doctrines of the Church by Dr. T P Varghese  Creation by Viji Antony
With Jesus In The Path To Fullness by Pastor Babu Cherian  The Importance of Fundamental Doctrines by Dr. T P Varghese  The Blessing by Viji Antony
Sustaining Factors Behind the Uniqueness of the Bibleby Dr. B. Varghese  Manhood of Jesus by Dr. T P Varghese  He is Coming Soon by Viji Antony
  Holiness, The Message of Hope For This Generation by T K Koshy Vaidyan